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A complete database for retrocopies (processed pseudogenes and retrogenes) from Group of Bioinformatics at IEP, Hospital Sírio Libanês. We currently indexed retrocopies from 6 primates genomes:

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Retrocopy is the result of a process in which mRNAs are reverse-transcribed into cDNA and inserted back into a new position on the genome, usually by retroelement machinery. Since the retrocopies are based on mature mRNA they lack many of their parental genes' genetic features, such as introns and regulatory elements. Most retrocopies have turned into pseudogenes (also known as processed pseudogenes) in mammals and some of them may recruit upstream regulatory elements and become functional.


RCPedia is based on search mechanisms. Retrocopy events can be searched on the top search box by coordinates, such as chr1 or chr1:78275455-79988153, which returns all retrocopies located whithin the search area. Furthermore, it's yet possible to search for retrocopies using their name, parental official gene name, full name and, finally, by parental gene description.